We will learn how to repair exchange database after dirty shutdown and fix Exchange server error “unable to mount database”.
 or ERROR: Microsoft.Exchange.Data.Storage.MailboxOfflineException

  • First of all backup the edb, logs, and stm files

  • Then make sure you have 110% Free Disk Space

  • Now check your Database consistency – Dirty shutdown or Clear

  • To check a consistency on database run:

    eseutil /mh "path of .edb"
    Like: eseutil /mh “c:\db\mailbox database.edb”


  • See the database status, If it will be: Dirty Shutdown.

  • First try Softrepair: by running

    eseutil /r

    You need to run this from database log folder and specify log chk file like;

    c:\dblog>eseutil /r E00
    Else, specify following:

    eseutil /r "prefix"<E00> /l <exchange log file location> /d <exchange database location>

    This looks like:

    Eseutil /r E00 /l c:\dblog /d c:\db


  • Now check the Consistency again and If Softrepair doens’t work try hard repaire.Make sure the databases are dismounted.Before running the Hard Repair, It’s always recommended to make a copy of the .edb , .stm and pub.edb , pub.stm

    eseutil /p,Eseutil /p “mailbox database.edb”

    Eseutil /p "c:\program files\exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.edb"


  • Defragment the database defragmentation of database:

    eseutil /d

    Eseutil /d “mailbox database.edb”

    How to defragment with the Eseutil utility (Eseutil.exe):


Before mounting database you must move/remove log file.


  • Now check Database Integrity

    This we can skip it after softrecovery.To check the integer of database:

    isinteg -s "servername" -test alltests

    if integer check fails, try:isinteg -s "servername" -fix -test –alltests

    Sometime we have do this multiple time till all errors have level 0 or the status has no changes.

    Description of the Isinteg utility:


Check Consistency Again

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