Remember to cast your vote in the Primary Election, April 3, 2012
Early voting begins March 24, 2012
and runs through March 29, 2012
in the Cecil County Administration Building

County Executive

Tari Pellum Moore for County Executive.
Tari Perham Moore

Cecil Business Leaders PAC Board of Directors feel confident that Tari possesses the knowledge and required skills to successfully implement charter government beginning December 2012.

Her past experiences including those acquired in her current position of County Commissioner have prepared her for this position. Board members noted her work in Annapolis as the Cecil County representative to the Maryland Association of Counties as one of many factors that influenced their decision

County Council, District 001

Alan McCarthy County Council, District 1.
Alan McCarthy

Dr. Alan McCarthy was part of our founding team of the Cecil Business Leaders PAC. After several weeks of learning his background and discussing his philosophies and visions for Cecil County we encouraged him to run for the District 1 Council seat. We are excited that he has decided to do so and we endorse his candidacy.

County Council District 005

Robert Hodge for County Council District 5.
Robert Hodge

We have been on record since our foundation as supporting Robert Hodge for the District 5 Council seat. His actions have consistently shown support for County Commissioner decisions that encourage job growth. Cecil Business Leaders PAC are confident that when re-elected he will continue to support actions resulting in a growing economy that includes new jobs.


Hon. Keith A. Baynes
Hon. Keith A. Baynes


Hon. Jane Cairns Muurray.
Hon. Jane Cairns Murray

Cecil Business Leaders PAC proudly endorses Hon. Keith A. Baynes and
Hon. Jane Cairns Murray as judges of the Circuit Court. As sitting judges, they are demonstrating the ability to make firm and fair decisions consistent with the expectations of Cecil County citizens. Both sitting judges were thoroughly vetted by several state and local bar associations, found to be qualified for the position, further approved by the Judicial Nominating Commission and appointed to their respective positions The election of judges is non-partisan. Democrats and Republicans may cast two votes for Circuit Court Judges.

Thursday, March 22, 2012 8:50 AM