VSS Business Solutions has teamed up with Stone Run Family Practice to create a new product called Health Mirror. 

It is an interactive patient education system. We will be displayed at a Pri-Med exhibit in Boston on September 20th-22nd 2013 and also in San Diego at the SSFP Scientific Assembly exhibit on September 26th-28th 2013.

We look forward to a final release later this year and start selling subscription to practices all around the country.  It is truly a great product for the patients and the doctors that want to provide exemplary care of their patients.

VSS Business Solutions has been working diligently to create the rule set for a complex medical application. It will key off the Electronic Record and disseminate relevant multimedia content to the patient based on the doctors preferences on each piece of content (age, gender and problem category).  The patient will not be bored with the wait time for the physician and will also be viewing relevant information that may help the patient with their condition with that precious wait time.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 10:09 AM